Nov 21, 2006

Will Japanese rock be my musical saviour?

For the past few years, my musical tastes evolved towards hip-hop. And not even hard core rap, or really authentic stuff which most enthusiasts get into, but mainly popular styles. A little lame, I agree, but I wanted my music to be fun, entertaining and 'bumping. I guess it was a gradual evolution and it blended in with my lifestyle and my habits at the time. I still enjoy hip-hop in clubs and bars and prefer that to any other music when I go.

Rock took a backseat. I am not one to buy albums, or enjoy every song by an artist. I usually like a song here or there, maybe a few from one band or whatever. I have rarely gotten obsessed with a band ever.

I've been getting really bored with music for the past few months. Getting sick and tired of what I have and not so impressed with American rock.

So my friend sent a couple of her favorite Japanese songs over to me, and though i have no clue what they are saying, I found the music to be so refreshing. I love the beats, the enthusiasm and the riffs. Its pretty rocking and its inspiring stuff. I even picked up my guitar on my own accord after a few years and learned the songs. Admittedly, I only have 6 Japanese songs thus far, but I am exploring the field a lot more enthusiastically then I have in the near past.

Turns out, I am listening mainly to songs from a movie. The soundtrack belongs to a movie called Nana.

On a side note, it stars this chick called Mika Nakashima who is pretty attractive. Here is her picture for good measure.
I believe she is a singer too and one of her songs is called "Glamorous Sky" which I like. Anyway, I don't know if I am listening to J-pop or J-rock or just Vietnamese music. But I guess it makes me happy. That's the point


  1. it's a little of both, but mostly rock, because that is what I am into. You will be getting more shortly. I don't think you can ever understand how happy i was to see this post.

  2. I checked this stuff out and i like it. Thanks for expanding my horizon.

  3. awesome! not a problem - glad to have helped. I have some more J-rock now. Let me know if you'd like some more titles