Nov 14, 2006

Red Sox bid over $50 million for the right to negotiate with Japanese pitcher

That's right. Just to negotiate with this pitcher! Now they have to deal with Scott Boras, his mone-hungry price-driving agent. If they can figure out a deal within 30 days, then they would have to pay the Japanese team, the Seibu Lions, that ridiculous posting the $15-$20 million a year that Matsuzaka would probably make.


The next step in Matsuzaka's dream of pitching in the Major Leagues comes in the next four weeks as the Red Sox have 30 days to reach a contract agreement. If an agreement isn't reached before the 30-day window expires, the "posting" money would be returned to the Red Sox and Matsuzaka would return to the Lions for the 2007 season.

A 17-game winner for the Lions during the '06 regular season, and Most Valuable Player of the World Baseball Classic played last March, Matsuzaka figures to receive an offer from the Red Sox that would make him one of the highest-paid pitchers in 2007 -- and beyond.

With quality starting pitching at such a premium, some baseball officials believe Matsuzaka could command a deal comparable to the five-year, $73 million contract that Houston Astros right-hander Roy Oswalt signed on Aug. 30.
This is just a disgusting amount of money. And its only for the rights to talk to the guy!! Can you believe it?

I hope Scott Boras is his usual self, waits till the 29th day to start becoming resonable, and the deal falls through. If the deal fails, then the posting fee has to be returned. The Red Sox need pitching, but not at this cost. $51 million dollars? Are you kidding me?

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