Nov 6, 2006

Indian sex survey reveals interesting findings

I suppose anonymous surveys do probably have some truth to them. Reuters
NEW DELHI - Nearly two-thirds of young Indian men expect the woman they marry to be a virgin, but nearly half have had sex with prostitutes, according to a poll.

The survey of more than 2,500 men aged between 16 and 25 conducted by India Today magazine across 11 cities found that 49 percent claimed to have had sex with a sex worker while 37 percent said they had a homosexual experience.

But 63 percent of young men in conservative India said they expected the women they married to be a virgin.

The average age of their first sexual encounter appears to be falling -- to 18 years from 23 in a similar survey two years ago, but condom use is on the rise, the report said. More than half of the men surveyed said they always used a condom.

Fourteen percent of those surveyed said they had sex with a member of their own family.
According to IHT, these sorts of surveys are becoming more regular in Indian magazines....indicating a trend towards sexual liberalization and breaking of taboos.

Great! That's definitely the right road to go towards!

I suppose there will be a margin of error when it comes to these surveys, thought the poll did not mention any.

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  1. Be careful about the definition of "family member" in this survey.
    In Western society "family member" usually means direct family such as parents and siblings. Cousins or uncles are classified as "close relatives", not part of "family members". Remotely-related relatives are regarded differently from "close relatives".
    But in densely-populated and closely-knit cultures such as India, everyone in a village may be blood-related at some generations ago, thus may be all counted as "family members".
    I know nothing about the definition of "family" in India, or many other aspect of life there. But I am aware of huge cultural differences.
    Could someone enlighten us?