Feb 20, 2008

Valentines Day is for the 'ugly' ones amongst us

Amusing post by my friend that concludes, quite conclusively, what most of us suspected all along....
An excerpt is called for...
If you are good looking and male in love with someone hot and female

Since you think you are really hot, you are probably really stupid. This means you will give hot girl something stupid and unoriginal like flowers and candy. Given that hot girl will probably have many suitors, competition will be high and you will be forced to spend more and more to make an impact. This will make you bankrupt and homeless. You will spend the rest of your life being the weird homeless guy who doesn’t feel the need to wear pants.

Feb 19, 2008

Definitive Statement on Education

Education Level | What you think | How you act    | What you learn
| you know | |
Grade School | How to have | Try to have | How to behave
| fun | fun |
High School | everything | Like you know | How to learn
| | everything |
College | just about | Like you know | That there are
| everything | quite a lot | things you
| | | don't know
Graduate School | some things | Like you know | That you
(Masters) | | a lot | really don't
| | | know much
Graduate School | NOTHING | Like you don't | How huge and
(PhD) | | want people to | vast an amount
| | know that you | you really
| | know nothing | don't know

The way Pakistani elections really work...

From an email forwarded to me by my brother. The writer of this email is a friend of a friend. Not really sure where its been posted originally, but most of the Pakistani blogs seem to have it up.

Sad state of affairs....
The dhandli I witnessed in the five minutes it took me to cast my first Pakistani vote was beyond even what a cynical person like myself could have imagined. I laughed in the face of its blatant-ness and had many who joined in, albeit, for entirely different reasons.

As we walked in, my NIC number was recorded on the left stub of my vote, and I was handed a sheet that had already been torn out from the book, so the vote I cast wasn't the one that corresponded with my NIC number. I don't know if that matters, but when I asked about the discrepancy, I was told it did not.

Then came the coercion (in a slightly intimidating way, if that makes any sense) to stamp the 'Patang'. The woman voting before us, asked where she could vote? She was told, 'right here on the table', but she asked for privacy and was shown the flimsy cardboard screen.

I received a white vote for the provincial asssembly and a green for the national. While I waited my turn I saw one of the two women (who had made themselves comfortable enough in the room) get up and proceeded to stamp four white ballot papers in quick succession, before adding them in to the transparent ballot box for the provincial assembly. Her associate then did the same. I gaped in complete disbelief, and asked who the votes were from, and the presiding officer who was seated right in front of the ballot box, laughed and said, 'yeh votes Allah ki tarf say hain' [These votes are from Allah.]. Outraged by the unabashed dhandli, I asked why I had bothered to come and vote.

The ballot paper itself was disappointing because it didn't leave the vote confidential, the stamp showed right through the paper!! So the extremely biased polling agents and presiding officers knew our vote, and yes only one party seemed to be represented. I was leaving in disgust after I voted when they asked me to have my thumb marked, and one of the presiding officer cheekily remarked, 'Iin ko mat lagao, yeh tow wapas aa kar vote karain gee', ['Don't mark her thumb, she'll be back to vote again.']

I left saying 'nahin, aap daal deyna mairee taraf say'. ['No, you are welcome to vote on my behalf']

So, even though I am no political analyst or soothsayer, I can tell you that the 'Patang' will win in my constituency.

Feb 15, 2008

Forget the gym - I have my six-pack right here

That's right! Well almost....

A recent study by a Danish group has found that the benefits of alcohol and exercise are comparable, when weighed against the risks of heart disease. This study was highlighted in a recent Time article which caught my eye. In their words...
People who don't drink at all and don't exercise had the highest risk of heart disease. People who drink moderately and exercise had a 50% lower risk. Teetotaling exercisers had a 30% decreased risk, as did moderately drinking couch potatoes. "There's an additional protective effect to doing both," says Gronbaek. "That's the new finding."
Who said research isn't inspiring?

Feb 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Thanks Erhan....

Feb 2, 2008

Bud Light Sausage Commercial

This commercial is hilarious! I think I saw it between the Green Bay - Giants game. Haven't seen it too much after though. Sucks!