Oct 9, 2006

My new pet goldfish

So this picture is not my gold fish. I have 2 plus my bowl is nicer. I just don't want to take pictures of them right now. They are kinda freaked out.

So I bought 2 goldfish yesterday. A day earlier I had bought a 2 gallon bowl, some pebbles and a plastic plant, plus this rock like thingy with a hole in it.

Anyway, the ride back from the store must have been tough for them. I have taken care of fish before, so I was aware of some of the issues that they might have had. I made sure the water temperature was the same as the water they came in. Plus I made sure the possible Chlorine in the bowl was nullified. (I used tap water)

So for the first day, they pretty much stuck to the bottom close to the pebbles. Obviously scared. I felt bad. But i knew I should just leave them alone. Any noise, whether it be on the table or far away would frighten them. So I put them in a place where I seldom go to.

My kitchen.

Anyway, they did eat the food. But they do it ever so carefully. Slowly creeping up to the surface. It took them 10 mins to float up that 3 inches and have the guts to eat the flakes. I was happy though. I like them. One is bloody frisky and is always freaking out and playing with her reflection. She is the common goldfish.

The other is really chill and quiet. I think that is the smarter one. Anyway.

so they have survived 24 hours.

I know some animal lovers amongst you will urge me to get an aquarioum and more space. I am planning on that very soon....


  1. I've never met someone so attentive to the feelings of their goldfish. I must say I am very impressed. If only you treated women as nicely as your goldfish. =P

  2. hey its asraa... i love ure goldfish blog... so cute how u spent ure whole day with em.. adorable. waisey in the midst of all ure intense blogs which ive been reading on musharraf and what not.. this is just so cute :)

  3. Naba, Bilal, Shafa, Osman and I got baby chicks when we were young. You know the choozay. Baby chicken types. Well, I loved mine.. overfed it...and it DIED. I was trauamatized. Same thing happened to turtles when Osman and I had them back in Bahrain when were kids. We overfed them too. It was tragic man.

  4. Also, the reason we had such lame pets is becuase ALL OF US are scared of other animals such as dog/cats etc. Oh and also...we had turkeys once and Naina Aunty this relative of ours came over to our place wearing a bright red cheap shalwar kameez and the turkeys attacked her after seeing the red color and tore her shalwar apart. You have to ask Shafa about it

  5. Yeah goldfish can get stressed during transportation and also to a new home or environment.

    You are right! You should get a larger aquarium for your goldfish. Goldfish bowls are not really recommended for keeping goldfish as goldfish are a really dirty fish. They make a lot of waste and the water quality can turn for the worse very quickly. A goldfish bowl reminds me of like a prison, a small cramped place. Not a good place to be in.

    Glad to hear that you will be getting a bigger aquarium soon. You will have less maintenance to do plus your goldfish will be much happier living in luxury :)

    Hope your goldfish live a long healthy life. If you ever need any help at all please visit my blog and I will be more then happy to help shed some advice.


    Jamie Boyle
    The Goldfish Guy

  6. it is definitely a very cute post..i dont believe there are other people like me...i had fishes as pets bt one of them dies and I was so heartbroken..that i send them all back..i loved them and i appreciate people who really care about small and sometimes insignificant creatures like fishes...now i miss my fishes.... :(

  7. And sorry about your loss. Fishies are fun...