Oct 19, 2006

Musharraf's wishlist

A recent rss feed from Dawn caught my eye....
President General Pervez Musharraf Thursday expressed full condidence in the country's defensive deterrence which is potent and much credible than ever before. "We shall continue to improve upon it," he said while addressing the Armed Forces Officers of Islamabad and Rawalpindi Garrisons here. He said induction of hi-tech weaponary to enchance the fighting punch of the three services is proceeding as per the envisaged force goals, while restructuring of the Army has resulted in improving teeth to tail ratio while making resources available to add to the Army's potency. The President gave an overview of the domestic environment and spelled out four areas which are and will continue to be his focus. These inlcuded economy, combating militancy and extremism, efforts to sustain democracy and strengthening national integration. He said all efforts were being made to bring Balochistan at par with other provinces. In FATA, the President expressed optimism in the ongoing political process under Governor NWFP. He expressed satisfaction on the improvement of environment in North Wazirastan Agency.

Glad to see his priorities are set. How about spreading education? Some infrastructure? Anyway, I am sure he's tired of hearing all the blah blah about spreading literacy. Boring topic....after all, the speech was to his cronies in the armed forces. They obviously do not want democracy to spread, the people to get education. We often talk about the feudals surpressing the rights of their villages, making sure they remain poor and reliant on the masters...Here we see another part of the same cycle that is draining Pakistan continously. The army....Give the army weapons and something to fight about (India, terrorists etc), and be angry towards and you have a loyal population and a loyal force behind you.

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  1. These inlcuded economy, combating militancy and extremism, efforts to sustain democracy and strengthening national integration

    isnt the answer to all these problems education as you say? and i don't mean higher education (college and up)...i mean basic education...up to high school...for the common man.

    Economy: And how do we expect the economy to prosper without educating the masses? Isn't it about time our criteria of the educated was extended beyond people who can merely sign their name?

    Extremism: Result of the lack of good schools. Kids are sent to madrassahs where they are promised 40 virgins. They learn to hate others and their young minds are manipulated.

    Democracy: Our people will only be able to vote for the right leader when they are educated. Right now, they are gullible with a proven tendency to fall for false promises. Even today they are ready to vote for past presidents who were clearly corrupt. They need to learn to think for themselves and vote for the right person.

    National Integration: people only unite for a causse. Bring them all to one level...give people the opportunity to succeed without knowing the right people and they will unite for the country.