Oct 6, 2006

If you forgot to wish me for my birthday....here is your next opportunity!

Found this cool site using stumbled upon, which is an awesome tool!

I plugged in my birthday and this is what it told me amongst other things...


So if you recall I wrote a post about wishing there were some sort of lifetime statistics some time back. Some of the information that the site spewed out tells me the sort of things I am looking for. Based on average ofcourse. Obviously, real stats would be hard to come by. Maybe when we're all robots....

Anyway here they are!

Time Trivia
During your lifetime...

Blinking Amazing!
You've blinked about 132 million times in your life time. Apparently we blink about once ever four seconds, or 15 times a minute, and we're asleep for a third of our lives.

Egg-citing cells!
If it could live that long, a human sperm could swim about 4.0 kilometres (about 2.5 miles). A healthy human sperm swims about 3mm a minutes (about a tenth of an inch).

Lightning speeds!
Light would have travelled about 238.26 million million kilometres (about 148.08 million million miles). Light travels at 299,792 kilometres in one second (186,298 miles per second).

Oh boy oh boy... oh girl...
There have been about 3,338 million people born. There's also been about 1,431 million deaths, an overall increase in the World population of about 1,923 million people.

Got it nailed!
If left uncut, your fingernails would have grown about 64 centimetres (about 25 inches). They grow about an 2½cm (an inch) a year, four times faster than toenails.

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  1. Did I miss your birthday? Shit..sorry yaar. Happy Birthday!