Sep 28, 2006

What do 32 mm shells and 34 inch busts have in common?

This is an awesome story from Reuters. .

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thai coup leaders have banned go-go girls from dancing near tanks and troops on Bangkok streets as a distraction from the serious business of power, a spokesman said on Wednesday.

"It is not appropriate to entertain soldiers while they are on duty," Colonel Acra Tiprote told Reuters after a troupe of 10 women in tight camouflage vests and shorts posed with soldiers and tanks while making a music video.

"People should differentiate between entertainment and seriousness. A coup is not entertaining," Acra said, although the tanks sent in to lead Thailand's first coup in 15 years had turned Bangkok into a carnival-type attraction.

Thais and foreign tourists flocked to the Army Headquarters to take picture with tanks and soldiers. Many gave soldiers flowers or food and drink.

So Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has been overthrown in a bloodless coup. Its bloodless after all. And not everyone gets to see tanks and armoured vehicles everyday. What can be more sexy than hot girls dancing on top of a killing machine? Its a stupid ban, and I urge the thai..uhhh military leadership to please allow go-go dancers to fraternize with their soldiers.

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