Sep 13, 2006

Pakistan's entry into Miss Bikini 2006

So here is the background.... already posted an article and due to lack of inspiration I thought I would, firstly, add a picture of the lady we're talking about and add my 2 cents towards the end.

LAHORE : For the first time, a Pakistani girl has participated in an international beauty pageant, reports website

Houston-based Pakistani-American Mariyah Moten, 22, represented Pakistan at the "Miss Bikini of the Universe" pageant held in Beihai, a summer resort city in south China, on August 28.

Moten won the "Best in Media" title (trophy plus sash), as being the most photographed and interviewed girl in the entire pageant. Since the pageant, she has been on Zee News, Khaleej Times, China Daily, Hangzhou Newspaper and various other newspapers in China and elsewhere.

She was born and brought up in Karachi, Pakistan, and moved to the United States with her family eight years ago. She is currently studying hotel management at the University of Houston in Texas, where she did her high schooling.

"It's the first time that Pakistan is participating in the bikini pageant, as we're an Islamic country," Moten was quoted as saying by China Daily. "Now there's less reproach in Pakistan on women's participation in such beauty contests. All my family support me and I'm excited to have the chance to participate in the event."

Competing with 44 delegates, Moten was given the award on the final night. This is the second award she has received in her pageant career. She won "Miss Charity" at the Miss Tourism Queen International pageant in July 2006.

The winner was crowned "Queen Pearl" and received $5,000 in prize money; second and third place earned the title "Miss Pearl," and received $3,000 and $2,000 respectively, according to the pageant's organising committee. Moten is presently in Mumbai on a "special interview" assignment with the Times of India, her manager told over the phone.

Somehow I can't add more pictures of her. Maybe only 1 is allowed.

What I agree with:

That she didn't have the proper authority to represent Pakistan

What I disagree with:

- Let her run! Who cares? It was a bikini contest in southern China somewhere. Not a Miss World contest. If she wants to represent her Pakistani heritage. Her choice.

- Her parents agreed to let her participate. Who are we to judge?

- The minister of some fucking foreign affairs from Paksitan is going to investigate how she got to represent the country. Don't you have better fucking things to do?

- She tried to portray Pakistan as modern and this is the backlash she got. Agreed, she is a few decades ahead of the country...but her motives are noble. With all this crap flying around about the country, we need people like her

- This jackass minister is threatening to pull away visa priviledges for Pakistani Americans. Oye...Chootia. Who the hell else will visit the country if you get rid of those people too As far as I know, most people are scared shitless to come to the country just coz of people like you there.

- Yes...It's our culture, but we should not judge others. If a girl wants to participate in a beauty contest, I agree that she can't represent Pakistan. But if she wants to participiate using Pakistan as her heritage...go right ahead

- Our country would be a lot more sane and less stuffy if we had a few of these beauty contests running. Being all conservative and putting women way far back in the backseat is what is holding us back. The government needs to concentrate on education and women's rights and upholding them. In my opinion, more women need to take a stand and take their shirts off!

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