Jan 10, 2007

Hilarious Onion article pokes fun at Indian dance troupes in college

The College I Attend Has Just The Right Number Of Indian Dance Groups

The Onion

The College I Attend Has Just The Right Number Of Indian Dance Groups

I'm really glad I decided to go to my current school. I can't think of an American college with such balanced and complementary diversity. While...

It's at the Onion but it isn't a news headline. So it might be someone's true opinion right? The Onion does post articles and commentaries, I believe. Anyway, I think this is was amusing. My college had no official dance troupes, but we had about 10 dances at the annual South Asian show. Most of the criticism was directed towards the sheer number of dances. After the show, the non South Asians probably believed that song and dance were the only thing people did back home.

I believe even Rutgers has a bunch of established Indian dance troupes and 2 bhangra teams associated with it. Though its likely these different groups are created and driven more by rivalries, and different groups of friends, rather than by demand. I love how the article ends...
It's about integrity. I don't know what I'll do if this school just turns out to be one of those liberal, wishy-washy places that feigns interest in cultural diversity and throws around a lot of open-minded-sounding bullshit to appear cultivated and make itself feel better about its inherent whiteness and insecurity
Ah - That spells Brandeis!