Jan 25, 2007

The Church of Google?

Not even sure how I came across this website representing the Church of Google - which obviously has no official affiliation with Google. It's hilarious or sacrilegious, depending on your point of view. I surmise it started out as a joke, and then when people starting taking note of it, and becoming hostile, the creators (no pun intended) added some more serious dimensions and literature to pad the site, including 'Proof' that Google exists, an FAQ and even some prayers. The religion is called Googlism. Some excerpts from the FAQ that I found interesting...
Does Google perform miracles?

Why, yes She does.

Last year a Minister within our Church procrastinated on a University essay he had due. It was the day before said paper was due and he HAD to clamp down and start researching. He, as always, consulted Google and Her vast index of knowledge. Sure enough the mighty Google provided him with the information he needed. The essay was done in a little under five hours and he ended up getting an "A". Definitely something many would consider a Miracle, all thanks to Google and Her mighty Algorithms.

What is the Google Trinity?

The Google Trinity consists of the Internet, Google Search Engine and the Web Browser (Such as Firefox, Opera & Safari but NEVER Internet Explorer) Alone they are nothing, but combined they form a powerful entity.

...and from their arguments page...

So, if Google told you to go jump off a bridge, would you do it?

If someone told you that after you die, you're going to live 'forever' in peace and harmony in the sky, would you believe them?

You're wasting your time on an idiotic and bogus religion (Googlism).

Assuming you subscribe to Christianity, Islam, Judaism or any of the other major religions: "Right back at you". Worshiping an invisible, nonexistent being who lives in the clouds is an equal, if not greater, waste of time.

Be sure to check out their Hate Mail page!

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