Dec 4, 2011

Pakistan leads internet in twisted sex-related keyword searches

Since Google Trends started releasing their data on global keyword searches, it had been well known that Pakistan leads the entire world in Google searches for the keyword "sex". I had read the initial news reports on this with amusement but never investigated it myself...till now. What I found out surprised me.

First of all, just to confirm the results, as of December 4th, 2011, Pakistan still leads the entire world in total volume of searches for the keyword, "sex". Rounding out the top 10 are:
  1. Pakistan
  2. Vietnam
  3. India
  4. Egypt
  5. Morocco
  6. Indonesia
  7. Malaysia
  8. Turkey
  9. Greece
  10. Poland
Interesting to note that 7 of the top 10 are predominantly Muslim majority countries (I included India just because it has a sizable Muslim population).

I can't prove why Muslim countries seem to be leading the way in this unflattering trend, but I think I have an explanation for this.
Muslim societies are starved for sex and entertainment. Because of the rules of Islam, mixing between the genders is either forbidden or taboo, and is as a result, a rare occurrence. The only outlet for people's frustration is the Internet, where there are no rules, no boundaries, and no limits to the imagination. In my opinion, Google is their playground; the outlet for their curiosity and disgruntlement. 

That all seems fair. Sex is a basic carnal need, and I can probably understand and accept why Pakistan would top the list above.

Upon further investigation, what I did not expect was how twisted the country really is. Pakistan also leads the entire world in several other bizarre sex-related searches:
  • "rape"
  • "child porn"
  • "animal sex"
  • "dog sex"
  • "horse sex"
  • "rape videos"
  • "rape girls"
  • "sister rape"
I am not one to judge someone's private life, or their personal sexual preferences, but there is something to be said about a specific country leading the entire world in searching for the most fucked up things. This goes far beyond sexual starvation. The perverse thoughts reflected in the popularity of these search terms speaks volumes about the lack of morality in a society that is spinning out of control. This isn't a dozen people or so and nor are these results relative. This is based on the sheer volume of searches.These are real statistics.

Land of the Pure....

How ironic.

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  1. I couldnt have agreed more with you! It is the hypocracy of Asian culture (especially Middle East and South Asia) wich intensifies the need for an outlet of carnal desires - and thats where the net comes to their rescue! I am not amazed by the results although I was hoping to find more Middle Eastern countries in the list as well - may be they just dont have a sizeable population. I would prefer statistics on no of illicit words searched per number of net users to come to a conclusion of the most starved nation!