Nov 20, 2008

Video game review: Civilization Revolution for the Xbox 360

Being a strategy game enthusiast, I was a bit apprehensive when I heard that Civilization was going to be released for video game consoles. After all, these consoles are RPG territory for the most part. Would people have the patience to play for hours on end, build an empire, thrash your enemies and take over the world? Would the game play be quick enough? Would the game be as addictive as it's predecessors on the PC?
Well, it turns out that the game is pretty darn good. It's the only game I've been playing on my Xbox for the past month, and I'm still enjoying it. It's definitely addictive, enjoyable, and provides an attractive and fulfilling experience; the kind of experience that I routinely sought after while playing strategy games on the computer.

The pros are obvious to all but it's the cons that bother me and I'll gloss over those:
  1. Why are the maps so small? Why can't I decide how big or small I want the world to be?
  2. 5 civilizations every single time? Can't I choose the number and which ones?
  3. I should be able to make my own maps.
  4. I prefer longer games, saving it a few times throughout, and that's not possible here
  5. Different civilizations should have unique weapons and tools. Why is everything the same?


  1. I'm glad you're enjoying it! Those additions would be cool. My only beef with it is that two people can't play against each other on one console.

  2. I've really enjoyed playing Civilization Revolutions on the Xbox my wife just got me. My biggest - though not huge - complaint is that the characters all speak gibberish. I find it really distracting.

  3. Chicken - That's a valid point, but the Civilization series was never meant to be a 2 player game. I feel this game is mainly for the Civ people who loved and played this game on the PC and then shifted over. It's a bit anti-social...but that's what we enjoy :) I'm just impressed that a strategy game made it to the consoles.

    Aaron - I had forgotten about that because on the first day, I turned off all their chatter. I think there is options for that somewhere. But I agree with you...for the first day or so that I had it turned on, it was bloody annoying!