May 24, 2007

I have had it with these mother****ing snakes on this mother****ing plane

"Snakes on a Plane" is an awesome movie! Having just watched it recently, I highly recommend it to my readers. I also highly recommend getting under the influence of something before watching it...

Anyway, I couldn't stop laughing when I read the following on CNN this morning...
Customs officers at Cairo's airport have detained a man bound for Saudi Arabia who was trying to smuggle 700 live snakes on a plane, airport authorities said.

The officers were stunned when a passenger, identified as Yahia Rahim Tulba, told them his carryon bag contained live snakes after he was asked to open it.

Tulba opened his bag to show the snakes to the police and asked the officers, who held a safe distance, not to come close. Among the various snakes, hidden in small cloth sacks, were two poisonous cobras, authorities said.

The Egyptian said he had hoped to sell the snakes in Saudi Arabia. Police confiscated the snakes and turned Tulba over to the prosecutor's office, accusing him of violating export laws and endangering the lives of other passengers.

According to the customs officials, Tulba claimed the snakes are wanted by Saudis who display them in glass jars in shops, keep them as pets or sell them to research centers.

The value of the snakes was not immediately known.

That's nuts man. Good thing they didn't need Sam Jackson to kick some snake ass!


  1. as for being under the influence, I "high"-ly recommend it too.

  2. I cant say, as I havent experienced it yet. :)