Dec 15, 2006

Atleast 1 bin Laden is going to be shot really soon!

First of, I didn't know elephants kill, but apparently this happens once in a while. In October 1999, drunken elephants killed 4 people and flattened a village.

This week, the hunt if on for killer elephant named Laden in Eastern India. Laden is a serial killer, having trampled 14 people over the past 6 months! He has so far proved himself to be so elusive, that authorities have hired a bounty hunter to track him down. That bounty hunter is scouring the forest with his own contingency of 5 forest guards!

Rangers in India's Assam state have issued a shoot-on-sight order on a killer rogue elephant named after al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. Laden has trampled 14 people to death in the past six months in the north-eastern state, officials say. The order came after the rogue bull killed a woman on Wednesday. So far he has eluded hunters.

Humans and elephants have come into greater conflict in recent years as man encroaches on jungle territories. Assam's wildlife warden Chandan Bora said the order had been given to kill the rogue elephant within a week. But he said: "We've hired a licensed hunter to kill the rogue elephant but so far Laden is untraceable. "The hunter, accompanied by about five forest guards, is still in the jungles trying to hunt down Laden."

Laden was branded a "rogue" - a violent, isolated elephant - in the summer after the deaths reached double figures. He was given his name by villagers in Assam's eastern district of Sonitpur.
The encroachment of man on the elephant's natural habitats is bound to yield friction. It's a sad story...though quite amusing.

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